Shrouq Alhadyan

Shrouq Alhadyan, SVP – Head of Digital Banking, Riyad Bank

A transformation champion who delivers the change with commitment and passion. Known as a thought-leader for innovation, unique ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, I “live and breathe” digital and innovation. My appetite to take risks is high when it comes to implementing totally new ideas, as I believe it pays to be a leader not a follower. I am currently heading-up the digital transformation program in Riyad Bank, maintaining the strategy & monitoring its execution; driving sales and migrating services into digital channels.
The initiator and the founder of two crucial teams –the BPM Center of Excellence and the Customer Experience Department at Riyad Bank; I strongly believe in the value of partnership with FinTech and Entrepreneurs; I always see them as a primary part in the innovation eco-system and a natural collaborator for achieving faster implementation.
A big fan of “Transparency”, “Simplicity”, “Storytelling” & “Agility” in business. [Fail Fast], [Customer First] & [Never “One and Done!”] are my favorite quotes!

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