Sahiqa Bennett

Sahiqa Bennett, Co-Founder and CEO, Searchie

Sahiqa specializes in building digital & tech businesses in the MENA region with an emphasis on disruption. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of “Searchie” which is a Talent Acquisition Platform utilizing AI, matching on culture and skills. She has strong international expertise and has worked and lived in Dubai, London, New York and San Francisco.

Sahiqa has an extensive global network and is passionate about helping companies accelerate their growth plans. She is also the host of “Arab Valley” which talks about the incredible business transformation of the Arab region.

The very reason she wants to be successful is so she can help more people. Sahiqa is part of the Global Sustainability Network and is working on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She is part of a team who are focused on how technology and innovation can be used to make human lives better, with a focus on enabling women and those in poverty. Sahiqa doesn’t want to change 1 life, she wants to change millions.

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