Rushd Averroës

Rushd Averroës, CEO & Founder, BABB

Rushd is the founder and chief executive of BABB (, an ambitious London fintech company which aims to be the world bank for the microeconomy. BABB is currently preparing to launch its mobile app in Europe, and has over 100,000 people signed up to the app waiting list ( in anticipation of the launch.

BABB aims to bring convenient, low-cost and inclusive banking services to individuals and businesses who have been excluded or overlooked by the legacy banking system. Using an innovative blockchain platform coupled with a user-friendly mobile app to deliver its services, including everyday banking, fundraising, currency exchange and more, BABB aims to make banking accessible for all.

Rushd has a deep understanding of the microeconomy and has dedicated his working life to promoting financial inclusion. Rushd previously founded Wowpaymobi which became BABB and has an MA in Microfinance and Financial Inclusion.

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