Kashif Younus

Kashif Younus
BlockChain & FinTech – Division Head
Ateon – An Alhamrani Universal Co. KSA

Kashif is a founding member of the Ateon – the first BlockChain Solutions and Systems Integrator in KSA.

A Certified BlockChain Expert and holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, he has been involved with landmark BlockChain based projects such as the Identity Management for Bank Aljazira (2017), creating Financial Subsidiaries for Socially Underprivileged Project if IDB (2017).

Kashif is widely acknowledged for his contributions in developing FinTech solutions by leveraging nascent technologies such BlockChain & AI.

Recent Blog: https://medium.com/@kashifyounus_39656/how-about-your-banking-app-holds-all-your-plastics-digitally-and-doesnt-require-a-pin-or-a-4c360ab38650


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