Hassan Hamdan

Hassan Hamdan, Vice President of Strategy, Unifonic

Hassan is the co-founder of Unifonic: the leading cloud communication platform for global emerging markets, we provide cloud-based communication tools to business customers and enable integration of text- and voice-based solutions via our powerful API platform. He has lead the round A investment for Unifonic and managed to secure $21M – the largest investment amount for a tech company in MEA. Unifonic investors include STV, RTF, Endeavor Catalyst, ELM, and Raed Ventures.

Hassan has been a part of a number of innovative ventures in the Middle East and North Africa; having gained experience in multi-million dollar deal-makings and handling of complex partner relationships: making him a well-rounded business development and product marketing executive. Furthermore, given the experience he has gained, he has acquired an in-depth understanding of, and a vast global network in the internet & communication industry.

In 2010, Hassan was named one of top 3 student entrepreneurs in the world at the Global Student Entrepreneur Award, Top Student Entrepreneur of Middle East by the Entrepreneur’s Organization and won “Lessons from Edge” award out of 2000 entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Hassan advises several young entrepreneurs and startups from the MENA region and is often invited to speak in matters concerning the internet, mobile, and entrepreneurship. He holds a dual Bachelor of Engineering degree from Modern Science and Arts University and the University of Greenwich.

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