Ahmed Hamdan

Ahmed Hamdan, Founder and CEO, Unifonic

A software engineer by education, Ahmed has the passion to make communication services accessible to anyone who needs them regardless of their technical capabilities. In 2006, as part of his graduation project at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Ahmed needed to solve the issue of only being able to send SMS to a limited number of people (back then phones only handled 50 receivers per one message). Solving this problem became his goal, and with Hassan, his younger brother, they embarked on the journey to create their website that enabled clients to send a message to more than 50 people at once charged for a small amount of money. The project grew to become Unifonic, one of the leading digital communications companies in the Middle East. Unifonic is a crazy idea that proved to be a huge success.

Ahmed developed sales experience and entrepreneurship early in his life by helping with sales at his father’s clothing store. It is this spirit that helped Ahmed to lead Unifonic to become the regional leader in cloud communication services. Acquiring the “round A” investment of 21 Million USD in 2018 from 5 major investment entities – the largest amount in the tech industry in the region – is only the first step in the goal to become the leading cloud communications provider for the emerging markets.

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