25 & 26th February 2020
The Ritz-Carlton, Saudi Arabia

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  • Tuesday 25 February 2020
  • Wednesday 26 February 2020
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  • Innovation Stage
Delegate arrival, registration & coffee
Official VIP Opening & Tour of MEFTECH
Welcome to day 1 of MEFTECH

Osama A. Al-Ansar, Master of Ceremonies
Welcome remarks from SAMA
H.E. Dr. Ahmed Abdulkarim Alkholifey, Governor, Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA)
Instant payment solutions and other tools helping the Kingdom realize Vision 2030
Creating a cashless society in Saudi Arabia, bolstering the Kingdom’s position on the global financial stage,and digitizing the economy.
Ziad Al Yousef, Managing Director, Saudi Payments
How this month’s new PSP regulations ensure innovation, quality, safety, efficiency & stability
Minimum payments, capital requirements and data protection rules are just some of the guidelines released this month by SAMA for the issuance of licenses for non-bank financial institutions. Two licenses cover electric wallet and payment service companies. Hear how these are meant to help build the sector, how to come into compliance, and how they can reduce potential risk in the payment industry.
Husam A AlMahmoud, Director of Payment Systems & Companies Control (PSCC), Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA)
Break (5 min)
Middle East FinTech survey insights
Deloitte surveyed FinTech firms regionally. Here are select insights from their study of FinTechs in the Middle East.
Anthony Yazitzis, Partner – Financial Services, Deloitte & Touche (M.E.)
FinTech hubs to foster community
Selling the dream of serving 34 million Saudi Arabians and the Middle East’s largest economy, plus their international neighbors. Creating cross border collaboration. And building an international network of FinTech Hubs. Here are legal, practical, and stretch recommendations from Middle East leaders from the industry.
Moderator: Anthony Yazitzis, Partner – Financial Services, Deloitte & Touche (M.E.)
Karim Fawaz, Riyadh Head, CMS
Mirna Sleiman, Founder & CEO, Fintech Galaxy
Shyam Mohan, Startpath Lead, Mastercard

Customer experience (CX) & self-service approach in branch
Creating a meaningful experience in branch transformation within the long term context of Connected Commerce. Banks need to evolve with the change of customers’ behavior, needs and demand. Make the most of new opportunities to serve their Digital Customers in a wider capacity.
Eman Ramel, Senior Product Manager for ATM and Self Service Machine, Project Manager for Banking Systems, Alhamrani Universal
VIP lunch and networking

Dhuhr prayer time at 12:07
UAE Banking Pulse report for 2019
Key performance indicators of the UAE banking industry, and a deep look at the country’s top 10 listed banks.
Asad Ahmed, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal
Redefining the bank
A depository, a service company, an insurer, a risk manager, an asset manager, a lender. Which is it? All of them? None? What roles will take precedence for banks in the next decade? What products do people want, and are banks delivering them? And could blockchain mean the end of traditional banking? A talk through FinTech 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 and how new solution combinations will create new banks.
Moderator: Omar Christidis, Founder & CEO, ArabNet
Daniel Gould, Deputy CEO, Anglo Gulf Bank
Rayan Fayez, Managing Director & CEO, Banque Saudi Fransi
Asad Ahmed, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal
Ehab M. Al-Bakri, Sr VP & Head of Global Transaction Banking, Riyad Bank
Nabil Ibenbrahim, Deputy MD, MEA, HPS Worldwide

Strategies that made Liv. the fastest growing bank in the UAE
Considered a ‘Lifestyle-Centric Digital-Only’ offering, Liv. has revolutionized banking in multiple ways, including by offering instant accounts. By making it easy and relatable to daily activities, Liv. broke down perceived barriers to personal banking.
Jayesh Patel, Head of Liv Digital Bank, Emirates NBD
How peer-to-peer lending is evolving in the Middle East and supporting SMEs (tbc)
Peer to peer (P2P) lending has disrupted the finance industry by providing SMEs with an alternative source of finance to facilitate growth, without having to take out a high-interest bank loan or give away equity. P2P uses crowdfunding technology to provide greater funding flexibility and speed than traditional alternatives, and is becoming a popular source of finance in the GCC. Hear Beehive’s state of peer to peer analysis, forecasts for the future of SME funding and its ambitions regionally.
Peter Tavener, CFO & COO, Beehive
QR Payment: Driving digital payments and financial inclusion
Nabil Flir, Business Development, HPS
Asr prayer at 15:25
Letting go of cash: How the Kingdom can be cashless
Vision 2030 calls for 70% of all transactions in Saudi Arabia to be cashless. Though seamless systems are being developed across financial sectors, nothing feels more real than money in hand. If the goal was to go completely cashless, in personal, governmental, trade and retail, how could this be done? What tech solutions and incentives will empty our physical wallets and allow Saudi Arabians to embrace a truly cashless system?
Moderator: Dr. Stephane Niango, Chief Delivery Architect, Digital Cash International
Hazem Alrashed, Head of Products Research & Development, Alinma Bank
Bashar Baidas, CEO, Digital Cash International
Andreas Skopal, Group Digital Officer, Gulf International Bank
Khalil Alami, CEO, Telr
Hariraj Subramanian, Head of Cash Management Products, NCB
Mushtaq Hussain, COO, BayanPay

End of Day One MEFTECH Conference
Delegate arrival, registration & coffee
Welcome to day 2 of MEFTECH
Osama A. Al-Ansar, Master of Ceremonies
Making them spend more, via AI-powered incentives, new ease-of-access
When we imagine the Saudi shopper of tomorrow, what does he or she look like and what services does he or she require when it comes to moving money? Will they type commands, or simply speak them?
What needs to happen to make voice e-commerce a reality in the Kingdom and the GCC? Here are ways to overcome operational and commercial challenges to create better digital payment gateways.
Krishnan Srinivasan, Global Chief Revenue Officer, FSS Technologies
Creating omni-channel solutions for the Kingdom’s emerging consumer audience
To create repeat, happy customers and additional revenue streams, more information is needed about the emerging Saudi Arabian buyer and visitor. Retailers are rising to this challenge with innovative strategies, data collection, and new products. Some solutions are completely digital and leave physical locations behind. Others are omni-channel, linking the digital with the physical.
What solutions are most helpful, and are there challenges they can’t yet conquer? What’s required to create a new, digital retail experience in Saudi Arabia? And how will tourism drive many of these changes in the retail space?
Moderator: Jawad Chaudhry, Digital Transformation Consultant, Sign Consul
Pankaj Asthaana, Vice President of Digital Payments & Labs MENA, Mastercard
Ahmad Sultan, Head of Retail, Alhamrani Universal
Narendra Nandal, Business Head – Platform, FSS Technologies
Saad Almuhanna, Vice President of Business, STC Pay
Break (5 min)
How point-of-sale is more than just payments
POS financing helps both consumers and merchants to Increase Sales and access funding. Point of sale is key at the physical, traditional retailer, but also online with, for example, Paypal and Amazon. Some such as Square are doing both. This tech has providing great funding especially for small businesses, as well as targeted marketing and use of artificial intelligence.
Paul Melotto, CEO & Executive Board Member, Alraedah Finance
UX & CX: Anticipating user requirements, delivering excellent customer experience
The Saudi Arabian population is the youngest in the GCC, and growing. They expect simplicity and convenience with all processes. Do current products meet this emerging demand and what developments might come next? How can security concerns be addressed? What tools can assist in reading and reaching target financial service audiences? Are these tools evolving fast enough?
Moderator: Maryam Al Bassam, Payments Consultant
Saqib Khan, Head of the Middle East, Backbase
Mahboob Alabdulrahman, CEO, ITS
Bilal El Houri, Client Partner, Facebook

VIP lunch and networking

Saudi German Hospital case study: Rule engines, InsurTech & DRG
In Dubai, the Saudi German Hospital Group is innovating its payment and financial systems to increase efficiencies and build financial transparencies with customers and partners. Hear how rule engineers, InsurTech solutions, and Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) regulations are set to change how this healthcare leader handles its finances. This will lead into a larger discussion.
Davendra Singhvi, UAE Group CFO, Saudi German Hospital Group
How can digital financial solutions build trust in healthcare?
What is the situation today with digital healthcare payments? The Saudi insurance has great growth potential, especially if it digitized and if it focuses on industries keen to become more efficient such as healthcare.
The private healthcare sector is growing, and the government plans to mandate minimum insurance policies for drivers, for example. How could auomated Takaful and ReTakaful solutions change how payments are chased? How can insurance firms cut costs? And what will all of this mean for the digitalization of payments for hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics?
Moderator: Basil MK Al Ghalavini, Chairman & CEO, BMG Financial Group
Davendra Singhvi, UAE Group CFO, Saudi German Hospital Group
Nasser Zagha, Chief Technology Officer, International General Insurance
Saqr Ereiqat, Founding Member of National Health Lab for Emerging Technologies, National Health Information Centre

Announcement of Lulu Money Innovation Challenge Winner
Mirna Sleiman, Founder & CEO, Fintech Galaxy
Christos Christou, Chief Compliance Officer, Lulu Financial Group
How e-payments and e-wallet industry is evolving in the Kingdom
The digital payments movement is for individuals as well as for businesses. Hear how a Saudi Arabian firm has emerged to drive innovation in the payments marketplace.
Mushtaq Hussain, COO, Bayan Pay
End of MEFTECH Conference

Asr prayer at 15:25
Tuesday Feb 25
Designing the bank of the future
Eelco Boonstra, EMEA Managing Director, Ejada/Mambu
New era of payments processing and digital transaction
Mick Fennell, Business Line Director for Payments, Temenos
Fadi Yazbeck, Managing Business Solutions Group MEA, Temenos

Fintech: Friend or foe
Stephen Monaghan, Chief Digital Officer, Riyad Bank

Wednesday Feb 26

POS and more
Mahboob Alabdulrahman, CEO, ITS
Conceptualising an advanced and relevant SME banking app for your customers
Saqib Khan, Head of the Middle East, Backbase
Tuesday Feb 25
Digital identity: Building trust in a digital world
Can Elbeyli, Director of Product Management, Mastercard
Composable banking: An innovative approach to building banks
Miljan Stamenkovic, Regional Director of MENA for Mambu, Ejada/Mambu
The online payment landscape in the MENA region: Where does the Kingdom stand?
Remo Giovanni Abbondandolo, Senior Vice President MENA,

Intelligent automation for payments
Bilal Adeeb, President, Shared Services, RPA & Intelligent Automation Committee, Digital Cash International

Demystifying digital banking: Future proofing legacy institutions
Raheel Iqbal, Managing Partner, Codebase Technologies

Digital payment
Damodaran Raman, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Bayan Payments

QR Payment : Driving digital payments and financial inclusion
Nabil Flir, Business Development Manager, HPS

Wednesday Feb 26

10:00 – 10:30
Lulu Money pitch competition by Fintech Galaxy
10:30 – 10:50
Composable banking: An innovative approach to building banks
Miljan Stamenkovic & Eelco-Jan Boonstra, Mambu, Ejada/Mambu
10:50 – 11:10
First principal innovation
Stephen Monaghan, Chief Digital Officer, Riyad Bank
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