Roundtable discussions will take place in the VIP Lunch Area.

These are small, interactive sessions for industry peers to collaborate and explore an issue set out before them. The roundtable host will lead the discussion and invite participants to share their perspective and ideas.

13:30 – 14:15

Roundtable Discussions:

 1) SWIFT gpi for Saudi Banks Leveraging Cross-Border Payments for the Real-Time World

Hosted by David Godfrey, Strategic Solution Consulting Director – Real-Time Payments, ACI Worldwide

What are the benefits of SWIFT gpi for both banks and customers?
Why are some banks taking longer to transition and go live with SWIFT gpi than others and what are the banks who are delaying missing out on that impact their customer growth and retention?

 2) Innovative Business Models for Banking

Co-hosted by Yasar Yilmaz, Head of Financial Services Industry, Middle East, Africa, Turkey & Pakistan, Microsoft and Hussam Abou Shaer, Head of Financial Services Industry, Saudi Arabia

Bankers understand they need slick mobile apps to compete in the digital age, but the battle for new customers will take place elsewhere on a customer’s phone in the years ahead. n countries where mobile payments have taken off faster than in the United States, big banks have staked out a presence in places outside of traditional banking apps. Customers and prospects spend hours of their time online, chatting with their friends on social media, or perusing online real estate listings. Being an organic part of that online experience requires fresh thinking and in some cases new services that are not strictly banking. So the most forward banks are already experimenting with strategies to answer questions like these: How can a bank insert itself in a relevant way into an existing ecosystem where people gather for nonbanking activities? And does it make sense for a bank to create its own ecosystem of sorts?

 3) Protecting New Payment Channels from Criminals

Hosted by Olga Jannethe, IBM Watson Financial Sector Services, Financial Crimes leader, Middle East and Africa, IBM

14:30 – 15:15 1) Cooperation vs Competition

Hosted by STC Pay

Discussing the collective industry-specific challenges and benefits faced by the following industries: fintech, bank payment providers, digital payment providers, remittance companies.

11:00 – 11:45

Roundtable Discussions:

1) How will banks organize for open banking?

Hosted by John Schlesinger, Chief Enterprise Architect, Temenos

*Please note this programme is correct at time of publication, however is subject to change.